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The meaning of COINFINITIVE solutions: CO meaning "Cyber Obviate" and infinitive solutions meaning " to have infinite solutions".

Initially in 2018, it started as a proprietary firm with a mission to accelerate the world's transition to a secure integrated digital society with a foundation built on digital identity and trust.

Our Company was founded by Director "Mr. Mayur Neve". It was started as a registration authority in Mumbai serving with Human Subscriber Certificates to the tax consultants, CA's, and Corporate's in the initial phase. In the later phase in 2019, the company expanded their operations by understanding the needs of Government, Enterprises 'BFSI and Fintech". Thereby proposing them PKI based signing solutions along with the digital identity certificates.

As a vision to grow the business & enhance the portfolio. Coinfinitive Solutions was incorporated in 2020, In the initial three year period company successfully expanded the business legs across 16+ countries , 800+ clients & 12+security product portfolios.

  • Founded In 2018, As a RA

  • 2019:
    Managed to grow exponentially with YoY sales of 100 %. As a DSC ,

  • SSL, TLS Certificate & Introduction with our own signing solution.

  • 2020:
    Commenced as a PKI enabler & Consultancy

  • 2021:
    Successfully finalised 2 CA'S empanelled with CCA

  • 2022:
    Commencement as Foreign CA enabler

  • 2023:
    Enhancing Portfolio as a tie-up with Utimaco premium reseller

DSC stands for Digital Signature Certificate. A Digital Signature Certificate is an electronic form of identification that serves as proof of the authenticity and integrity of digital documents or transactions. It is issued by a Certifying Authority (CA) and provides cryptographic validation of the identity of the certificate holder.

A DSC is typically used to electronically sign documents, forms, and transactions to ensure their integrity and non-repudiation. It uses public key cryptography, where the certificate holder has a private key to sign the document and a corresponding public key embedded in the certificate for verification.

Here are some key points about DSC's:

Identification: A DSC provides verification of the identity of the certificate holder.

Integrity: When a documentis digitally signed using a DSC, any changes made to the document after the signature will be detected.

Non-Repudiation: With a DSC,the signer cannotlater deny their involvementin the signed document.

Legal Validity: In many jurisdictions, including India, DSCs have legal validity and are recognized as the electronic equivalent of physical signatures.

A PKI token, also known as a smart card or cryptographic token, is a hardware device used in Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) systems to securely store and manage digital certificates and cryptographic keys. PKI tokens are typically small, portable devices that connect to a computer or other systems via USB, Bluetooth, or other interfaces.

HSM stands for Hardware Security Module. It is a dedicated hardware device designed to securely manage cryptographic keys and perform cryptographic operations. HSMs provide a highly secure environmentfor key storage, generation, and management, offering protection against key the ft,tampering, and unauthorized access.

A Certifying Authority (CA), also known as a Certification Authority, is an entity that is responsible for issuing and managing digital certificates. A digital certificate is an electronic document that binds a public key to the identity of an individual, organization, or device. It is used to verify the authenticity and integrity of digital communications and transactions.

RA stands for Registration Authority. It is an entity that assists a Certifying Authority (CA) in the process ofissuing and managing digital certificates within a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

The RA acts as an intermediary between the certificate applicant and the CA. Its primary role is to verify the identity ofthe certificate applicant, validate the information provided, and perform necessary checks before forwarding the certificate issuance requestto the CA for final approval and issuance.